Pain begins with trauma. 

But it doesn't have to stay there. Pain can be held in the body as a result of physical trauma, emotional trauma or exposure to toxic thoughts, relationships or chemicals. Pain can be caused by a sentinel event or through small, repetitive trauma (think: sports and athletic endeavors, work requirements or even sleeping and driving posture!) 

Through the use of manual massage, modalities, passive and active stretching and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, persistent pain can begin to fade as we work together to discover the source of pain, as well as what works for you on your road to relief. 


Self care: you can't pour from an empty cup

Consumed with daily obligations, schedules, and putting others needs before your own is just the way life goes...sometimes. But if self care doesn't get factored in, stress related illness and injury caused from burnout and overwork can take a person from 100 mph to 0 very quickly. Maintaining good, healthy, self-care can mean a lot of things: eating a nutritious diet, exercising, meditating or praying, journaling and getting enough sleep are a few of these. Bodywork can act as a "more bang for your buck" form of self care. Massage can, physiologically speaking, give you similar benefits as four hours of sleep! Learning how to manage pain symptoms in between sessions as well as preventing pain and tension can help make life easier. And making life just a little easier and more comfortable is something anyone could use in this busy, chaotic world! 

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